Saga Agency

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25-32 Danes str., Клаипеда
+370 46 410785
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“Saga Agency” is representing Scandinavian Shipping companies and operating as per Scandinavian standard. “Saga” is coordinating employment of seamen to all types of vessels under many different international flags. Chemical/ Oil tankers/ Bitumen Tankers. Bulk Carriers/ Dry Cargo vessels. Self-Discharge with Excavators. Seismic Support Vessels/ Watch vessels. Coasters. “Saga” has long experience in coordinating employment, especially for maritime industry and has been operating in Baltic States for about twenty years. Has wide experience in organizing employment of maritime personnel, catering personnel for offshore industry, maintenance workers, fish industry workers and other categories as per customer requirements. Employing seamen’s from Baltic States and Russia. Saga works as per ISO 9001:2008 and MLC 2006 Quality certificates. Saga Agency is always looking for experienced, qualified, competent, self-motivated and good English speaking candidates.
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